The Zoo
The Zoo From their humble beginnings rehearsing in college dorm rooms, to opening slots in front of artists like Brotherhood of Groove, ReBirth Brass Band, Juvenile and Talib Kweli, The Zoo has come a long way. New Orleans has proven to be the perfect incubator for a dirty sound that's so funky it smells bad.

2006 marked the release of Live at Carrollton Station on Oh/Ya Records (Nashville), the band's first official release. Featuring compositions by Trevor Jones (lead guitar, vocals), Andrew Portwood and Mark Levy (Frogs Gone Fishin'), and Stephen Kraft (drums), the disc also contains a couple tasty covers, reinterpreted New Orleans Style.

Rounding out the group, Ari Michaeli (bass and vocals), Caleb Dance (saxaphone/flute), Joel Greco (trumpet), and Ed Williams (pedal and lap steel), create dense textures and solid grooves. Quite simply, they'll rock your pants off.

Check out The Zoo at any of many uptown New Orleans venues like Carrollton Station, The Maple Leaf, Le Bon Temps, and Tiptina's. Long Live New Orleans!