Sol Driven Train
Sol Driven Train Sol Driven Train is a 5-headed musical monster emerging from the swampy South Carolina Lowcountry. Generally seen at night in clubs and bars around the Carolinas, it can be identified by its distinctive call: a blend of fiery world-beat, southern funk, and melodic rock. Listeners Beware!! Several researchers attempting to study the Train have succumb to its hypnotic call and found themselves twitching and gesticulating uncontrollably on the dance floor. Reports of punchy horns, three part vocal harmonies, and a slamming rhythm section are common. Often mistaken in the field for the genus Jamus bandus, the careful observer will note an emphasis on songs and lyrical message that separates Sol Driven Train from the herd. Though phylogeny is still unclear at this time, some have suggested evolutionary descent from groups such as Paul Simon, Little Feat, The Band, Buena Vista Social Club, Stevie Wonder, and Bob Marley and the Wailers.