Pine Box Boys
Pine Box Boys Singers of songs of murder and misery.

"Daddy told me that when they use to embalm bodies they had to burn sulfur in the room to overpower the stench of the deceased. That's kinda what The Pine Box Boys are."

"We never wanted any of them ladies to get killed. But they kept on bleeding and Willie kept on stabbing, so, well, I reckon we HAD to write a song about it."

"We just hope to be an inspiration to the kids."

"If you wrote the greatest murder ballads in the world, we'd listen to you."

This is how the members of The Pine Box Boys explain their continued harassment of those lonely ladies of the American Murder Ballad. Buried in unmarked graves, their ghosts have been called out to in song for more than two centuries. No face, no form, only lonely names - Polly, Sally, Maggie, Eleanor.

With no regard for decency, THE PINE BOX BOYS have raised these poor haints again through new songs of unforgivable deeds, guilt, and loathing. She is repeatedly shot, stabbed, cut, and ground into powder by a nefarious collection of bad men. For the past three years, THE PINE BOX BOYS have been hollering these unsettling and provocative songs at audiences worldwide. Is this legal?

Upon returning from their recent European tour, The Pine Box Boys spent four days in the studio with The Alien Overlord recording their new album, STAB! These are what the boys call their "bar songs." They opted for a lean production, trying to capture the sound of a loud, angry acoustic band bent on killing. As with 2005's ARKANSAS KILLING TIME, this new album takes a, um, whimsical look at murder and misery in a backwoods-y style. Although the songs have clearly been dragged, like a bloody sack, through some very tall bluegrass, they are unmistakably original.

THE PINE BOX BOYS are: Lester T. Raww - guitar, vocals, Alex "Possum" Carvidi - banjo, vocals, Col. Timothy Leather - bass, S. "Your Uncle" Dodds - drums