Homemade Headtrip
Homemade Headtrip Homemade Headtrip (hoe-mayd hedd-trip) n : Six eastern Iowa musicians who sought each other out to create distinctive fun music that defies genres. Not bound by the conventions of Jam, Pop, Bluegrass, Reggae, Prog-Rock, R&B, Latin, Classical, Funk or Motown, but instead sampling from all of them, this band generates a unique sound and gives audiences a performance to remember with a non stop set list and an exotic selection of tunes. Two singers, two acoustic guitars, one piano player, one bass player and one drummer combine six heads and six egos to create the best sound they possibly can.

Instrumentation Nassor Cooper-Guitar and Vocals Matthew Maybanks- Guitar and Vocals Jeremy Hay- Lead Guitar and Backing Vocals Adam Gill-Bass Forrest Stowe- Piano Brian Cooper- Drums