Matt the Electrician
Matt the Electrician Mussed hair and work clothes be damned, Matt Sever's been known to schlep directly to gigs disheveled from his real-life day-job: keeping people wired and lit. Yet the moniker is more than just a humorous takeoff on life's realities.

Born Matt the Electrician on a frosty San Francisco morn, Matt and his family soon moved to Oregon in search of culture, nice weather and vineyards. Once there, Matt spent much of his youth obsessed with Woody Guthrie, The Hollies and the soundtrack to Godspell. The Electrician's were A musical, yet thrifty family, so they found a swell garage-sale trumpet to encourage this musical interest.

The Electrician's moved back to California in the early eighties; and while the trumpet was eventually discarded, the expensive private lessons were not a complete waste, as it was here that Matt met and fell in love with the guitar.

Unfortunately, because of the elder Electrician's spiraling oragami habit, money was not only extremely tight but intricately folded and beautifully hung all around the Electrician household, so Matt was limited to the only three chords his parents could afford. His dad assured him this was plenty, that kids in China only get one or two.

And strangely, it all worked out. Matt headed to Austin, a serious music town, with aspirations of becoming a serious musician.

Mission accomplished. After years of a steadily-built, devoted fan base, some would say that Sever's unassuming baby-faced slacker image and "nice guy" blue-collar charm belie a very complex and intoxicating energy that is equal parts gritty neo-folk, frenetic boyish pulse, and tangled life experience - all held cohesive by his deft guitar skills and liquid vocals reminiscent of a young Paul Simon wrapped around a Tom Waits heart. Some wouldn't be able to say that. Some would rather type it. Others might yodel.

Matt released his first CD, "Baseball Song", in 1998. "Home" in 2000, and "Made For Working" in 2003.

"Long Way Home", Matt's fourth release, continues his imperviousness to hipster cred, offering up classic songwriting with a Zippo flicker's worth of twang and a voice that's like a reverse Oreo, entirely smooth on the outskirts with a frayed and crumbled middle. That scuff-booted range is on full display on Long Way Home, where Matt frequently scales down the backdrops to cut in close on a campfire melody.

Sever lives and works with his family in Austin, TX.