Ginger Leigh
Ginger Leigh Leigh brings a new dimension to the music business with her material, a total vocal warrior whose bawdy, soulful voice is seamless and relentless with no apparent boundaries or borders. She just doesn't sing a song, she literally pulls the nails out of the stage floor with a powerful, hell bent delivery that is tempered with a silky sexiness in all the right places. The highest compliment she could be paid is that she sounds like no one, copies no one, and works a production on a record like a fine violin. If there is any one artist in Austin right now that would be considered capable of becoming a viable, bankable nationwide star, it would be Ginger Leigh. Hands down.

Leigh is also known for her energetic stage persona, movement, constant involvement in every song, the total showman. Never a dull moment at a Ginger Leigh show with all that comes with the residue of a child of the renaissance. Coming from a multi-generational musical family, she had a full understanding at a very young age of what it takes to move life along one day at a time. That, along with diverse influences from the worlds of jazz, country, rock and blues have come together in this highly talented, gifted singer-songwriter for the betterment of all of us, the listeners. We're the lucky ones."

Leigh, the fifth generation of professional musicians, is sometimes blindly considered an emergent Melissa Etheridge, as her on-stage energy is quite similar in strength. However, Ginger Leigh is more of a chanteuse Elvis, appealing to both men and women, young and old. Ginger's strongest message is about living outside of the box. Her uniqueness lies in her ability to see and live beyond the status quo. She manages to deliver this message with contemporary powerful up-beat rhythms and melodies that come from her varied background in jazz, country, and R&B. At age 9, Leigh began winning audiences as the lead-singer in her first professional performing band.

Her latest CD, "Better Than Well – Live at the Saxon," is an on-disc rendering of her live stage show backed by some of Austin's top-notch musicians. Listen as the audience thrusts energy toward the stage, responding emotionally to her music.

While listening to Leigh's records or while watching her passionate performance on stage, you hardly realize that much of her music is serious. She comes across with a lightness and ease, lifting you, rather than pulling you down. She is in constant celebration of life's questions and struggles. Her music is empowering. A chameleon in the genre-based world of the music business, Leigh may be seen performing at a country music festival, a folk festival, a rock or jazz club, making her point about living outside the box and without definitions. With piercing clarity, she creates and performs music as seductive and as irresistible as her blue eyes, which enrapture you in song.