Furley The NYC based band Furley's style is what we call "World Fusion and Alternative Dance" Music. They combine killer funk, Latin, Afro-beat, Caribbean, and disco grooves with jazz influenced melodic saxophones and jazz-rock fusion influenced wicked guitar licks. With their catchy and intelligent compositions, Furley's material is dance music. There is no DJ or programmed tracks; it is a 4-piece band that brings an incredible live energy to the stage.

Building an Engine is the third release from the ever evolving Furley crew. The band has now become a focused collaboration between saxophonist Julian Fox and drummer Ian Katz. Both New York natives who studied jazz at Oberlin Conservatory and City College respectively. They are currently teamed up with impressive guitarist Mike Brick, originally from Rochester, who recently relocated to NYC after many years of studying, performing, and recording music in Denver and Boulder, Colorado. Completing the lineup is bassist Mike Tucker from Brooklyn who has an impeccable feel, bringing specific Caribbean, Latin, and soul experience to the table.

With stellar new material, Furley (winners of the 2005 Relix Jamoff, and Jambands.com "New Groove of the Month" February 2003) will continue to tour the Northeast US and work towards wider recognition beyond.