Natural Selection
Natural Selection Natural Selection, the brainchild of Alesia Dessau, has been in it's current incarnation since 2002. As their name suggests, the Philadelphia-based ensemble's current style of music is the result of “evolution.” The group originally formed as a straight-ahead jazz combo, but has since transformed to an original soul sound that includes inflections of funk, R&B, jazz, rock & hip-hop. The current members of the collective are experienced in virtually all styles of western music, and the resulting creations of these talented musicians have a wide appeal.

Alesia Dessau’s sultry vocals and inventive lyrics float effortlessly above tight vocal harmonies, solid rhythmic grooves, and carefully placed melodies. One needs to look no further than Dessau's carefully assembled band to notice the diverse influences involved in Natural Selection’s music.

Where Natural Selection truly excels, though, is in live performance. The onstage chemistry that exists between all of the band members is infectious, and the adventurous, improvised nature of the music moves any audience. The powerful vocals and the foundation of solid rhythmic communication that define Natural Selection’s sound are magnified by the energy of their live shows.

It’s not surprising that Natural Selection has regular gigs at many of Philadelphia’s top original music venues, and enjoys the presence of a large and loyal following consisting of fans of all styles of music.