I Yahn I Arkestra
I Yahn I Arkestra Once in a blue moon 2 spirits come together as one to create a great force, overcoming any obstacle in the way. Unstoppable, a perfect match. If this rings true for anyone its I Yahn I Arkesta. Hailing from the boon docks of Baltimore, Kaseopia and Jah-D began their journey as revolutionary cosmonauts in the turbulent underground music seen of Maryland & Washington D.C.. Drawing energy from their growing faith in Rastafari and nyabingi groundations, and following in the foot steps of socially conscious bands like the Bad Brains, Human Rights, Fugazi and Ras Michael. This is where Kasea & D began to create their unique music and vocals in the post Reagan pre-Clinton era of Papa Bush's reign. Moving to Philly in the early 90's to study art, theater, healing and music they continued to write and create original music together while connecting with Philadelphia's rich musical heritage and the never ending flow of world class musicians, Performers, teachers, and music producers. Forging a long term relationship with the world famous spiritual advisor, Teacher and master percussionist Doc Gibbs, and forming the core unit of musicians that makes up the Arkestra today.

After perfecting their stage act as a Reggae main stay at the Historical Middle East Restaurants world rythms night, I Yahn I Arkestra began playing as an entity at the first Philadelphia Fringe festival. Performing their original theatrical musical Birds of one feather, written and produced by Kaseopia and Jah D. Overwelmed by the positive response to the music by all walks of life I Yahn I continued to perform and record becoming one of America's most unique and original Reggae bands, Lighting up every stage with a mash up of rhythms and styles to create Psychedelic herb induced tunes with an uplifting message and positive vibes!

Their debut cd LOVE MISSION [ summer 2007 ] Produced by Jah D at his studio [INITY] is already receiving rave reviews, with a lush full sound and tight production. It has some of Philly's greatest talent. Featuring Horns by Louis Taylor, Henry McMillian, and Harold Watkins. Classical Indian Sitar and Tablas played by Thomas King & Rada of ONE; And Cameos by guitar legend Teddy Royal [Fats Dominoe, Nevile Brothers, Wild Chopitula's, Patty Labelle, Booker T etc...] and Jazz percussion great Doc Gibbs[Grover Washington, Eryka Badu, Wyclef Jean, Al Jeareu ect..]. The Music stays with the rebellious ethos of Reggae with heavy Bass & Drums , tight rhythms and conscious lyrics ,while allowing subtle influences of World rhythms, Jazz, Rock, Funk, punk, pop, and hip-hop! Remaining danceable and jammy while souring in the cosmos.

Enjoying the modern convenience of the internet has enabled I Yahn I to expand their fan base to thousands of new fans with extremely positive responses from people across the globe drawing mad attention locally and abroad . They plan on releasing the Dub version of Love Mission later 2007 and an album in 2008 that has already been recorded and is in the mix process now! They are also in the studio recording an lp for release in late 2008, and preparing to tour in north America.