Aloha Aloha formed in the fall of 1997 when Eric Koltnow returned to Bowling Green, OH, to find guitarists Tony Cavallario and Matthew Gengler conspiring to form a band. He was down for playing with one condition: he was bringing his vibraphone. Anthony Buehrer filled the drum stool. They recorded and released a 7-inch. They lugged a vibraphone around the country in little pieces wrapped in old, filthy blankets.

One day the band found themselves with a gig but no drummer. That's when Cale Parks came to visit, learned the set, proggy-time signatures, changes and all, in about three hours. They played that night knowing that nothing was ever going to stop them. Soon Aloha was in the studio, knowing only that the music coming out of the monitors was what they'd always hoped to hear. Aloha then wooed Matt from Polyvinyl Records into a deal with these demos. After a fall in Cleveland and a frantic month in the studio, Aloha released That's Your Fire in May of 2000. They then took their non-stop, mallet-whacking, yelling, making-things-up-on-the-spot show on the road,proving their songs were not post-rock studio creations but living, breathing pop rock anthems. 100 shows later, the band recorded their follow-up LP, Sugar in 2002, and heavier, denser soudnscape that evoked a storm of critical praise and was promoted by a tour supporting Q and Not U.

After a fall tour that found Aloha playing a handful of shows without a vibraphone player, a lull in the touring schedule turned into an end of an era. Months expired. In May 2003, Tony, Cale and Matth got together with friend and collaborator T.J. Lipple in his grandpa's empty house in Altoona PA, and formed the recharged Aloha you hear today. That fall the new lineup entered the studio to record some new songs, two of which became the Boys in the Bathtub 7". They returned to Inner Ear in April to track "Here Comes Everyone."