Filthy Funk
Filthy Funk Filthy Funk Productions was born in 2000, the brainspawn of two life-long musicians - John Viviani, and Nick Murray. The group was initiated when they bought an Akai MPC 2000 together and started writing and producing music with local emcees and singers. Filthy Funk's first production was an EP by emcee, Many Styles. This CD was played on local radio and created an instant buzz in the local underground hip-hop scene. The duo then branched out to create music with other talented emcees and vocalists such as Raks One (Universal Japan), Hassaan Mackey (Rawkus), Robin Mckelle (Cheap Lullaby Records/Blue Note for Europe), Ric Rude, Danielle Ponder, Zahyia Rolle, and Tyler Owens.

Filthy Funk also continued working with other musicians in the Rochester area, most notably, the talented smooth jazz vet - Jimmie Highsmith Jr.. Filthy Funk had the pleasure of playing on and co-producing Jimmie's 2007 release - "It is What it Is". This album is enjoying regular rotation on Rochester radio and is available on iTunes.

In 2006 John undertook producing a solo guitar album with the resources of Filthy Funk at hand. This recording represented a new level of quality (both musicianship and recording) and has generated an astounding level of interest in Filthy Funk's production abilities. Released in late summer of 2007, "Tasty Licks" has generated some great reviews, an amazing CD-release show, and regular rotation on local jazz radio.

During the creation of John Viviani's CD, Filthy Funk met up with a new drummer Devon Tramell. He currently performs with the group live and has also become a creative contributor to Filthy Funk Productions. Devon can get down on the trumpet just as nasty as the kit so don't be surprised if you see him bustin out the horn now and again.

FF released a compilation disc of the last 7 years of Filthy Funk recordings called 'Beats of Fury' in 2008. It features a crazy amount of talented vocalists, musicians, and producers who have worked with ff in the past, present, and future.

A brand new, next level album has just been released by Filthy Funk Productions. "Eklectric" features collaborative, original compositions between Filthy Funk and Danielle Ponder. If you enjoy happy this record is for you.