The Sexual Disaster Quartet
The Sexual Disaster Quartet Is sex good…disaster bad… or what? What sells…sex and disaster, yes, and when injected with soulful, driving, innovative music, the elixir becomes the get down, disastrously explosive sound that is the Sexual Disaster Quartet.

Birthed from impromptu performances that spontaneously combusted into orgiastic jams, SDQ is a band of four accomplished musicians, that each looked to go their own musical direction, only to find that the commune of their fiercely independent musical backgrounds was fuel for a sound well beyond the realm of today’s tired & worn, dry hump popular music.

With universal consciousness they endeavor together to make love to, to bend over the musical world and their audience with brazen chops, contra-sophistication – woo then blast – moving their listeners to a quivering aftermath of molten, amplitudenal wetness. The destruction is underway, and these are portraits of our musical love makers:

Samuel Flowers - Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Piano, Vocals
The Great White Albino, master jazzman, compositional prodigy, soloist provocateur…hitting, running improbable notes & scales with soulful trumpet, flugel-horn, piano…inimitable vocal stylings…often raw, nasty & always with just enough honey…formerly of AM Flavor, now bringing you a taste of things to Come with the Disaster.

Tyler Little - Drums, Percussion
Drilling down as the common denominator of SDQ’s sound with pulsing, sophisticated syncopated foundation, break-beat rhythms and funkified presence that makes every sound scheme possible for the plethora of music genres that SDQ embodies…also the eclectic beat master for the futuristic Tryptamine Arkestra.

Kenneth Bernhardt – Bass, Keyboards, Vocals
SDQ founder and original composer, driving bass, deep water river current that makes this band flow, the whitewater rapids that churn it into chaos… keyboards that inspire to kneel in the river…also the founder of now deceased Dose, a premiere improv rock & jam band in the S.E., and still laying down/pumping up the Emily Hagihara Band with provocative and original bass lines.

Benjamin Lally – Guitars, Vocals
Fueling the Disaster with McLaughlinesque intensity, Scofieldian complexity, soaring with Santanic majesty, delivering with Haynesian precision…sexing up the disaster with subtle samba or ripping with hammer claw, always instigating what the disaster dujour may become.