Mike Brumm
Mike Brumm Mike Brumm is a singer/songwriter/performer from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He has been writing and performing for over 6 years and averages 100 shows a year. His original work includes “short stories” of the past, revelations about the future, and witty tales of friends, family, and others who have touched his soul. His covers include classic hits to hidden gems. Crowds enjoy his unique sound as he layers rhythm, bass lines, percussion, and smooth guitar solos into his songs. He often sings seamlessly, moving from one song to another without stopping. His stage persona is engaging as he easily draws the crowd to join him in having a grand evening. Any venue, any size crowd, Mike Brumm’s performance is a memorable experience.

As I put it: If Tom Petty and Janis Joplin had kids and those kids were to hook up with the kids of Ben Harper, Keller Williams, Willie Nelson and Bob Weir and they all went to a party to get down and have some fun and ended up jumping into a giant blender and coming out as one smooth creamy shake, you'd have this shake that makes you want to shout, stomp your feet, and shake your ass a bit because it just so delicious.

Then you have the Mike Brumm Shake!