Will Dailey
Will Dailey Acclaimed, emerging singer-songwriter Will Dailey is back with his soulful blend of emotional resonance and finely spun melodies via a series of releases -- a Torrent -- to commence on January 20th via CBS Records. The artist's first EP, entitled Fashion of Distraction, will make its digital debut on that day and be followed by the release of a second EP, By The Blue Hills, in April. Both albums will be available together and released physically on April 28th with additional bonus tracks. Dailey plans to tour in support of the release with details to be announced in January.

Writing constantly over the past year, Dailey was struck with an uncomfortable sense of deja vu when faced with having to head down that well-worn path that most artists never deviate from: pick your 10 to 12 best songs and go make a record. Will's current mode of songwriting, however, wasn't suited to that creative constraint; he had no shortage of songs, but they were written in batches that each explored a common theme and didn't necessarily all belong on the same disk. This became the concept behind Will's adventurous project, Torrent, which he will release as multiple music volumes throughout 2009. Instead of waiting 2-3 years for a new album, he will be launching bursts of new music every 2-3 months.

The first volume of Will Dailey's Torrent is the EP, Fashion of Distraction, which contains five songs thematically linked by Dailey's source of inspiration while writing them. The tracks were written when Dailey was listening to a lot of Byrds' albums that were coincidentally deeply rooted in his early decision to pursue music as his life's work. The first track, "Peace of Mind," opens with the immediately identifiable sound of an electric 12-string and explodes in the first chorus with five-part harmonies that would have been right at home on a classic Byrds record, courtesy of a guest appearance by the group's lead singer and guitarist Roger McGuinn on Rickenbacker 12-string and backing vocals.

Other standouts on the EP are "Keep You a Mystery," "Never Be Your Baby," and "Allston," a grand epic that ends the first part of this musical journey and further defines Dailey's range as a musician and writer. The track foreshadows the next volume of Torrent, entitled By The Blue Hills, which will be released on April 28th. This time Dailey's major influence is the landscape, and unique energy of his hometown of Boston. By the Blue Hills was recorded solely in the city and features fellow Boston musicians such as Elliot Easton (The Cars), Kay Hanley (Letters to Cleo), Tim Brennan (Dropkick Murphys) and Tanya Donelly (Belly).

Starting his career at just 12 years old, Will Dailey used his own savings to buy a small guitar and amp. By age 16, he completed his first public performance on stage at a pub. Since then, he has graced the halls of theaters, clubs, and bars throughout the United States, which culminated in a 2006 Boston Music Award for Best Male Artist.

After a year in Los Angeles, the artist returned to Boston and recorded his 2007 album Back Flipping Forward (CBS Records) and embarked on a series of US tours, including a performance at Farm Aid 2008. His music was recently featured on the new CW hit, 90210, and Will appeared on camera, performing his song "Rise," on a recent episode of CSI: NY.