Green Genes
Green Genes Green Genes, formed in Lexington, Ky, has 2 remaining original members, Don Rogers (Guitar), and Roddy Puckett (Bass). In 1996 Todd Copeland (Drums) joined and soon after Brad Slutskin (Keyboards)came into the lineup. Its music can best be described as a mix between Electric Bluegrass/Rock/Jam, with a sprinkle of Jazz for flavor. The music tends to be good and fast and there's no letting up at a show, so you'd better get 2 beers at the bar.

Green Genes has shared the stage with the likes of Vassar Clements, The Yonder Mountain String Band, JGB, Runaway Truck Ramp, Acoustic Syndicate, David Gans and many more. In late 2001 to early 2002 the first CD will be packaged and available for you to pick up. You're sure to seem the Green Genes close to your town, so keep an eye open, and keep an open mind.