Ol' Brown Shoe
Ol' Brown Shoe Ol’ Brown Shoe is ever looking for that spiritual space.... that "moment" where the forces align and the music transcends....

Ol’ Brown Shoe plays a variety of genres: funk, rock, blues, reggae and more. While embracing their classic jamband influences, they forge ahead on their own path in search of new musical magic. Blending their varied individual musical experience, you will hear a mix of traditional and contemporary genres at a typical Ol' Brown Shoe show. These guys look to take the audience on a journey, whether the vehicle is a funky original or a classic cover. They appreciate the *songs* as well as the jams. While some songs are jammed out, others are short and sweet... all played with the intent to keep the energy flowing and their fans dancing all night!

Ryan Perry - percussion, vocals
Larry Mancini - guitar, vocals
Jeff Larson - guitar, vocals
Jeff Rajchel - bass
Jack Howard - drums