Kid Beyond
Kid Beyond Singer. Beatboxer. Live looper. Songwriter. One-man band.

Looping and multitracking his voice live onstage to create his own backing tracks, Kid Beyond layers his soulful, spiritual lyrics over his own beatboxing and vocal instrumentation - creating an evocative, infectiously funky brew of hip-hop/techno-flavored alt-pop.

A "fiercely charismatic… truly mesmerizing" performer, armed with a powerful rock-soul singing voice and the jaw-dropping skills that earned him the title "San Francisco's Best Beatboxer," Kid Beyond has rocked huge warehouse parties and tight poetry slams, jam-packed funk clubs and sprawling festivals.

Kid B has shared the stage with James Brown, Ray Charles, LL Cool J, Spearhead, the Neville Brothers, Crosby Stills & Nash, Run-DMC, KRS-One, Blackalicious, and even President Bill Clinton. He has brought the house down at Carnegie Hall, at Bangkok's hottest club Song Slueng, and on FOX-TV's "30 Seconds to Fame."

The first thing you'll notice is the beatboxing. A beatboxer for over 20 years, Kid Beyond can produce drum kits, hip-hop loops, techno beats, turntable scratches, violins, synthesizers - all with his mouth.

Once he grabs your attention, layering his voice line-by-line, he then hits you with his powerful singing and songwriting - from haunting trip-hop epics to sweaty dancefloor jams, all with the aim of moving your heart, soul, and booty.