Eric Martinez
Eric Martinez Eric Martinez lives in Denver, CO where he plays locally with his bands Lake Effect and The Tori Pater Trio, and the new supergroup called Dyrty Byrds which consists of Eric Martinez, Tori Pater, Sam Holt, and Mike Goletz.

Eric also plays in the Athens, GA based rock band Bloodkin, Daniel Hutchens Acoustic, and CubanStack, the east coast based rock band that rears its ugly head for a few weddings and festivals a year.

Eric has been playing music since the mid 80's and has played the guitar, bass, and drums in bands all across the country. Since moving to Colorado he has found his niche in a music scene that thrives on originality and hard work and has played with the likes of Outformation, Back Yard Tire Fire, Robert Walter, Robert Mercurio, Fred Wesley, Jerry Joseph, Willy Waldmen & Brian Jordan, Cecil "Peanut" Daniels, Polytoxic, Double Parked, plus the annual re-make of The Band's "The Last Waltz" where he sings and plays guitar on Neil Young's Helpless.

Eric has also been writing and recording music for years. In his home studio he can lay down anything from acoustic tracks to full band orchestrations of his music. He has also worked with engineer/producer David Barbe at Chase Park Transduction while recording Love Songs For Losers, the second solo record from Bloodkin frontman Daniel Hutchens, and Baby They Told Us We Would Rise Again, the new release from Bloodkin. These sessions included Athens, GA greats like Todd Nance, William Tonks, Mike Cooley, and John Neff.