Patchwork The past 12 months have added up to an impressive year for Jeremiah Nelson, a.k.a. Patchwork. As a follow up to the challenging and epic "Dancing on a Fallen Sky" (2005 self release) Nelson has reinvented himself and company as the world's most versatile rock band on their new "Work and Worry" Ep, out March 1st 2007.

"The last one was real mellow and sad. I wanted to do something completely different this time. ‘Dancing’ is rainy day music; this [Work & Worry] is driving music” says, Nelson.

The EP, clocking in at just under 30 minutes, poses itself like a challenge, with 6 tracks covering immense stylistic territory ranging from the gritty dance rock "Blue, Black and Green" to the Beatle-esque jangle of "Laura Lee" and the symphonic entropy of "Chasing Down the Sun"; All the while, Nelson's songwriting imprint is unmistakable. Adam Cargin (Blueheels, New Kentucky Quarter) steps into the ever augmenting cast of Patchwork to lend a masterful flair for arranging and an outright abusive drumming approach on the rowdier tracks. “IT’S JUST WORK AND WORRY KEEPIN’ US WARM” sings Nelson over a torrent distorted guitars and pounding drums. The grooves and production are at the forefront of the Ep but once stripped away there is nothing but well written songs.

The Patchwork live show is an impressively dynamic experience. Songs are reworked and rearranged live with deft precision and focus. Patchwork will be performing solo and as a duo throughout 2007. Nelson will be assuming guitar and vocal duties and recruiting Shawn Drake on violin.

In addition to Patchwork, Nelson has been active in other projects as a studio musician and recording engineer, flexing multi instrumentalist chops on They the Down Low’s 2006 release Americana Bauxdivine (Pastoral Records) and engineering several records from Restless Recording, a small recording collective in Oshkosh, WI. The Inkwell Collective’s beautifully orchestrated “National Bellwether” Ep and Paul Otteson’s intimate collection, “Watchman” were tracked and mixed at Restless by Nelson as well as the regionally acclaimed Jazz Orgy with their swampy full length, “Do It Tour”.