Bill Mallonee
Bill Mallonee Bill Mallonee, the lyrical and inspirational source behind the Vigilantes of Love, started playing music in Athens in the late 80's. Mallonee learned guitar quickly and the post-punk-pop of the La's, XTC, Elvis Costello, the Clash and Squeeze filled his family house. Great college scene bands that passed through Athens, Georgia during that time were Athen's own R.E.M., the dbs (with the great Chris Stamey and Peter Hosapple), Mitch Easter's 'Let's Active,' the Bongos and Tommy Keane: these were also big influences. Each of those bands proudly wove indebtedness to the first "British Invasion" into their musical flags.

The strange thing was that somehow Mallonee's love for Dylan and Neil Young won out (temporarily shall we say) over these early influences. The terrain viewed from the inside of a van for 10 years and over 10 albums by the Vigilantes of Love seemed to lend itself more to the themes of Americana and alternative country....and so they went with it. Until now.

With VoL behind him, Bill is focusing on the solo artist gig. He's back to being "just a guy in a college band from Athens, GA. That reference point and those elements will always surface in the work. It's the clang and bang of 12-strings, joy without lock or key, unapologetic...and above all...unafraid." He's back to bringing guest artists on the road with him—utility men like Billy Holmes, Kenny Hutson and other strong artists from various regions that put a punch in the show.