Great Big House
Great Big House Great Big House is a 7 piece, high energy, horn powered, groove driven, funk/rock band originally from Lancaster, PA now hailing from Philadelphia PA. Great Big house was formed in the fall of 2002 by a bunch of music majors at Millersville University in Lancaster, PA. The group was looking to get away from the daily grind of classical theory and Solfege and blow off steam by experimenting with new instruments, improvisation and tweaking well known tunes to something more exciting and interesting. After performing a version of "All Along the Watchtower" at an on campus battle of the bands, what was thought of as a leisurely past time soon became a bit more serious and exciting. The band continued to play in and around campus for special events, orientation, parties and more. By adding a horn section a year or so into the project, Great Big House could offer that "wall of sound" that no other band on or around campus could produce.

It wasn't long before the band's itch to write their own material took over and their first tune "Itchin' in the Kitchin" came to be. The tune is a fully instrumental song mashing together second-line grooves, New Orleans style funk with a rock edge, laced with improvisational features throughout. It was with this tune that Great Big House found their niche and began mashing up styles in all tunes that they either wrote or covered, making them one of the most unique and versatile groups around today. See, not only is Great Big House featured in shorter, all original, showcase shows, but the band can play your average 4 hour night at the local bar or club, a two hour party set at the fraternity, and even a back yard bar-b-q. Oh, and don't forget a festival or two thrown in there! Most recently Great Big House has even begun doing weddings for the right couples with the right taste! Amongst the hours upon hours of playing live, Great Big House has finally had the chance to get into the studio and is currently finishing their first album, inevitably featuring "Itchin' in the Kitchin."

In recent years the band has expanded its territory through relentless gigging and true fan base building in Philadelphia and surrounding suburbs, Harrisburg, Lancaster, Maryland's Upper Bay Area, New Jersey and Virginia. Presently, in 2012, Great Big House has taken on a "reboot" mentality revamping many tunes to fit the "horn powered, groove driven" idea and will be sitting down to write more original music along with adding some more uniquely arranged cover tunes to keep that dance floor full. Great Big House hasn't just "gone through the motions" of being a band, but has worked hard to develop a sound and style unique to themselves and has taken time to build a following based on the desire to provide exciting music at every single show, appealing to every audience.