Grazgrove Grazgrove initially started out in Manhattan, KS at Kansas State University… the evolution of a group of friends born in the late 90's, this band is a project that has evolved and grown nearly 10 years. Very early on, these guys quickly realized that a common denominator in their friendships was a love for music.

In the early years, this group of musicians would often times set up shop with canned beer and acoustic guitars on an apartment deck after coming home from the bars late night. Jams would include a group of several "sing-along" friends, old country tunes, James Taylor hits, and cheesy 70's rock. Sooner or later, these friends started meeting other friends who enjoyed jamming as well. Open mic nights were formed, new instruments and sound gear was slowly acquired, and the foundation for Grazgrove was being built.

Just like everything else, as time went by, the influences and musical interests grew and changed. So did the musicians that played together. Life experiences and maturation contributed strongly to the growth of each individual musician.

In early 2003, Grazgrove was officially formed. The "electric" style of Midwestern-infused rock began to work it's way into the style, starting out by playing covers, mainly of the Grateful Dead. In early March '03, the very first gig as Grazgrove was performed at Pat's Blue Rib'n in Aggieville… a staple venue for Grazgrove even to this day. The band kept on… practicing in basements, metal storage sheds, and living rooms. As shows were performed around the Manhattan area, friends, fans and followers began to develop.

Sometime between late '03 and early '04, the band members began finishing up school and migrating over to the Kansas City area. Performing in new venues became the goal, and Grazgrove started making new friends and fans in the KC area. The band continued writing new original music, and leaning more heavily on those original tunes as each new show was played. Much has happened since that time, and Grazgrove has had the opportunity of playing in various events and many different cities in this region such as Lawrence, Emporia, Lincoln, and Topeka.

Today, Grazgrove is a fully original 5-piece rock band... chock full of jam and ready to rock you into next week. Having just finished up the production of their first-ever studio album, Biotic, this band is on the verge of entering a new level of performance and musicianship. One that is exciting, not only to the fans of Grazgrove, but to the band itself.