jescoe jescoe is a groove-driven rock band that cranks out both original music and their own musical renderings of tunes from bands like the Allman Brothers, Widespread Panic, and Umphreys Mcgee.

jescoe's sound is pure rock'n'roll, featuring electric guitar work that ranges from all out screaming blues to subtle twin-lead melodies, a bass line that moves faster than a New York Minute, a percussion and drum section that leaves no room for sleep or hearing, vocals that sound like someone is delivering a sermon on the mount, keys that make your soul move, and occasionally some horns to give some extra flavor.

If you can imagine a band that captures the soul of the Allmans, the grooves of Panic, the complexity of Umphreys, and maybe a little jazz influence from Steely Dan, then you have stumbled upon the the magic recipe for the jescoe brew. To find out more about what's going on with jescoe, show info, merchandise, and anything else you may want to know, be sure to visit our website,

jescoe will be releasing a full-length studio album in April '09, so stay tuned to see when we will be coming around to set your town on fire!!

new jescoe line-up:

Sam Perry - lead vocals, guitar
Jason Perry - lead guitar, vocals
Chris Karb - bass
Ryan Meadows - drums
Anthony Hussey - percussion, trumpet, vocals
Evan Stone - keys, wurlitzer, rhodes, vocals