G-13 G-13 announces the release of “Still Dancin” produced by Mark Karan and featuring guest performaces by Mark Karan (Rat Dog, Bob Weir), Jeff Chimenti (the Other Ones, Ratdog) and Barry Sless (Kingfish, Phil & Friends) There is a family environment that has always surrounded the improvisational music scene. It was apparent in the sixties with the close ties between San Francisco bands the Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane, and Janis Joplin to name a short few. The music that grew out of this environment was always evolving and synthesizing, and going to places unheard of before. Fast forward several decades, and we find G-13 at the heart of this mind expansive family tradition. Representing the East Coast in this mix, G-13 is a seasoned group of musicians who have tailored their sound to include the best of this improvisational energy, and combine it with timeless songwriting. The band weaves many musical genres into a classic palette of rock n’roll, fueled by some of the best guitar playing on the scene today-creating a sound that is entirely their own. They have taken their show on the road and played high profile festival bills including Smilefest, Sunshine Daydream Gathering, and the world renowned Punkin Chunkin, as well as some of the best venues on the east coast like The Falls Church State theatre, Music Farm in Columbia SC, and BB Kings in New York City. All of this has helped them to become one of the most respected live acts touring the eastern seaboard. On “Still Dancin” the band digs deep into their repertoire, presenting original material from their seven year career as a band. In a gesture of respect and acknowledgement from the very roots of the improvisational music scene, there are several storied guest musicians that contributed to “Still Dancin,” such as guitarist Mark Karan (Ratdog, the Dead), pedal steel master Berry Sless (Kingfish, Phil & Friends), and Jeff Chimenti (the Other Ones) on piano. The album was also produced by Mark Karan. Please take a moment to listen to “Still Dancin,”