Adam Ezra Group
Adam Ezra Group Adam Ezra considers himself an experientialist as much as a musician or songwriter. Whether it's living out of a van, farming in Canada, relief work in Kosovo, student in South Africa, kitchen hand or carpenter, teacher, lacrosse coach, or traveler, Adam manages to cram it all into the music, always challenging our perspective and often teetering somewhere between the ballsy rocker and sensitive poet. Currently, he resides in a poorly insulated basement in Somerville Massachusetts, and incessantly writes songs.

Live, the group is engaging and thought provoking. Adam will sweat on you. You'll dance while learning about senate processes and pondering the absurdities of war. He'll play the harmonica. Plus, there is a guy named Turtle that'll make you shake your butt. There is a definite "feel good vibe" to the show.

"Holy ****!" Adam exclaimed enthusiastically when asked how it was going in the studio. The New CD is due out in the spring. The definition of a prolific songwriter, Adam is constantly bringing new tunes to the table. Hooky songs with lilting melodies and catchy choruses. Acoustic, roots based soul pop music. If it were possible, the new CD would have 107 tracks.

The group, nominated multiple times for Boston Music Awards, has made appearances with the Goo Goo Dolls, Guster, Aerosmith, Modest Mouse, Jason Mraz, DeSol, Blackalicious, Spearhead, The Donnas, Josh Kelley, Carbon Leaf, The Wailers, The Samples, Pete Seeger, Braddigan (from Dispatch), Edwin Mccain, The Pat McGee Band, and many more. As of yet, they haven’t actually won one of these awards are currently scheming up subtle ways to bribe the judges.

They’ve toured the country, headlined sold out shows in Boston and routinely play benefit shows to raise money for causes such as cancer research, hurricane relief, children at risk, and many more.

Their music has been featured on MTV and VH1, and although they never considered themselves to be a favorite of the NASCAR circuit, their music is featured on Dale Earnhardt Jr’s latest DVD.