Copper Possum
Copper Possum Born out of an adolescent ego-centric hormone-soaked house-party jam-session, Copper Possum arose from the gutteral depths of the Memphis Mud with a raging desire to make music. Core members Bill Mard, Daniel McKee, Tim Stanek and Graham Winchester continue to offer themselves to the music gods by performing in several other groups around town, including (but not limited to) Devil Train, Freeman Benefit, Beauregard, The MiniVan Blues Band, K.D. Pickles, Mojo Possum, Sultana, Los Cantadores, and The Sanctuary Jazz Orchestra. At any given show expect to see blaring original music with a diverse handful of cover songs. By fusing funk, rock, hip-hop, jazz, prog-rock, and electronica, Copper Possum keeps the live show bumping and the live people moving! A Possum crowd never knows what’s happening next; segues, improvisation, and a continuous flow are all part of the live experience. Copper Possum has shared the stage with the North Mississippi All-stars, The Pnuma Trio, Zoogma, and a string of several Memphis bands. They have played venues and colleges all over the Southeast and are looking forward to expanding their musical horizons, both artistically and geographically. Check them out or book them in a town near you; you gotta witness this fresh slice of Memphis music to believe it!