The Ordinary Way
The Ordinary Way Musically, The Ordinary Way prefers to be undefined, but has its hands up every genre's skirt. With ever-changing influences pouring from Louis Armstrong to Slayer and everything in between, there is no shortage of inspiration and new ideas. The Ordinary Way is constantly delving into new aural territory and trying to keep themselves on the creative fringes The band's last two albums- Death & Taxes (self-released, 2001) and Dojo (BOS Records, 2003) show a stark difference over those years, and to hear the material written since Dojo was recorded, one might think they were listening to a completely different (or at least mentally mutated) clan of musicians. That is not to say that there are no constants in the mix. It's just that in the struggle for new expression and creative release, the band finds itself branching away from its roots. Roots are what they are, however, and it is safe to assume that the average show goers would experience a bit of everything- old and new. Currently, the group is working on a third album which should be completed in late 2005. You can listen to demo samples in the MP3 Archive at the band's website - With respect to touring, the group maintains a high level of activity in the music scene. Rarely giving their van a week off from shows, The Ordinary Way will forever be focused on trying to bring something uniquely moving to anyone who cares to listen.