Pressure Cooker
Pressure Cooker PRESSURE COOKER came together in January of 1997 to form a nine-piece group that creates and performs a unique blend of rock-steady reggae music. Their sound draws upon the traditional Jamaican reggae movements of the sixties and seventies, and their songwriting platter draws influence from a broad base of American pop. A group of diverse artists who have been involved with live music in Boston for many years, Pressure Cooker brings a seasoned package of talent and experience to the table.

Pressure Cooker music is a rare compositional variety spiced with jazz, calypso and Latin elements, which entice and satisfy both the listener and dancer alike. With respect to the traditional styles, Pressure Cooker constantly explores new musical and lyrical territory.

Nationally recognized for their authentic sound and musical proficiency, Pressure Cooker has received accolades from press throughout the region and in Europe. In spring 2004, Pressure Cooker released an instrumental album Burning Fence on the Chicago-based label Jump Up! Records. In 2003, Pressure Cooker celebrated the release of their third album Committed with two sold-out nights at the House of Blues in Cambridge, MA.

Their 2001 release I Want To Tell You was one of 25 records considered for Best Reggae Album by the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences for the 44th Annual Grammy Awards. The band has consistently won nominations to various dance music categories by the Boston Music Awards in 1999, 2000 and 2004. The French reggae music magazine RAGGA has featured the band in several issues, and has called Pressure Cooker’s music, “magnificent,” and “judiciously ornamented.”

This year, the band is cooking up an intensive live performance schedule and looks forward to acquainting an even larger audience with their original sound.