The Balance
The Balance A band of many influences, with a crafted sound all they're own. Great song-writing, groovy bass bombs, creatively layered keys, rockin' tight rhythms, one face-meltin' axe, crispy sound and kool-aid smile lights. Always mean, extra clean, and never lean, you're in for one hell of a ride!

In the beginning of 2003 four college friends set out to have "a little fun," what transpired is something much more. During the summer of 2003 while playing a college party in the basement of a friend's house they discovered their final member, giving them The Balance they never knew they were seeking. That same summer they were playing their first show at a local favorite watering hole, Bodega's Alley in Lincoln, NE, which soon turned out to become their home base.

With influences ranging from Miles Davis to the Grateful Dead, The Balance is able to stretch across a wide spectrum of musical genres ranging from Jazz, blues, and Rock, to electronica, all surrounded by groovin' dance beats. Blazing, yet technical guitar play, well chopped bass lines, intricate keyboard layering, a rhythm section that can hold any jam together, and lyrics that speak to the mind, body, and soul.

The Balance quite frankly has the balance that many groups hope to achieve, but so few are able to grasp. This has also lent itself to the building of a very loyal fan base as the group and their fans seem to create a balance of energy, and interaction between themselves that is so rarely found.

The Balance has played 60+ shows, over 30 in 2005 alone, having played in Texas, Colorado, Nebraska, Iowa, Missouri, and South Dakota.

Opened for, and hosted, The Big Wu, Vince Herman Trio, Bockman, 56 Hope Road, Shanti Groove, Tea Leaf Green, and others.

We will also be performing at The Big Wu Family Reunion, and Wakaruas Music Festivals this summer 2006.