Kiyoshi Foster
Kiyoshi Foster Born in Boston, Kiyoshi Foster has been making music most of his life.

From high school basement bands to the Berklee College of Music he has honed his craft for more than a decade. Moving to San Francisco in 2004 to further his musical career, he released 5 albums and EP's over the last 6 years collaborating with some of best musicians in the Bay Area, many of them lending a hand on his newest album.

In 2011 he delivers "Tranquilizer" his most cohesive album to date.

"Tranquilizer" depicts the highs and lows of life in the big city. Bearing slices of emotions through his songs, Kiyoshi excels at using beautifully woven lyrics, coupled with expressive instrumental sound. His soulful guitar playing soars through this album blended together with long time musical comrade Sean Leahy's blistering licks, for both a haunting and upbeat sound.

Kiyoshi's timeless yet unique vocal style brings the listener into the conversation, while hard hitting drummer Evan Bautista (Inca Silver) and veteran bass guru Mark Calderon keep their feet stomping.

Friends Fletcher Nielsen (Tracorum) and Trevor Garrod (Tea Leaf Green) added their unique touches on keyboards, while Turi McClain (Montana Slim String Band) brought her violin to the party.

"Tranquilizer" winds unfettered out to the ocean leaving you floating in a tranquil sea.