Joe Prichard of The Recipe
Joe Prichard of The Recipe After years of honing his craft in the coffee shops and college bars of his native West Virginia, the songs of Joe Prichard first came to the attention of music lovers everywhere in the spring of 1996 with the release of Love Marble Hoe-Down; the landmark debut album by The Recipe. With the founding of The Recipe, Prichard’s musical vision for his songs was complete. The band became one of America’s favorite touring groups recording four more albums including 2003’s critically acclaimed live disc; All You Can Eat, and 2006's Jubilee. In a scene dominated by the 20 minute jam odyssey, Prichard and The Recipe celebrated the glorious lost art of strong songwriting and superb musicianship. With The Recipe appearing with practically every major band on the scene on the festival circuit over the years, Prichard became a favorite among other artists to invite on stage to jam. He has shared the stage with The Del McCoury Band, Railroad Earth, Leftover Salmon, Ekoostik Hookah, The Big Wu, Jason Crosby, Solar Circus/Juggling Suns, Big Leg Emma and countless others.

Prichard’s songs are smart and compelling, yet simple enough to bring a crowd to it’s feet singing along to every word. With a tasty mix of pop, country, bluegrass, folk,blues and hard driving rock+roll, Prichard has created a musical stew, delivered by his comforting vocals and rockabilly-meets-Brit rock guitar playing. With countless festival and club appearances under their belt, Prichard and The Recipe have amassed a fan base that is the envy of bands throughout the scene. Prichard’s dynamic stage manner, yet warm vibe has made songs such as Whiskey Pickle, Real Wilde Cinema, Bonemeal, Wrecking Ball, Affected Specimen and Cajun Rose modern day anthems among festival goers.

When The Recipe decided to cut back their touring schedule from 150+ dates a year to only a handful of festival dates, Prichard returned to his roots working up a solo acoustic show that brings his music full circle in an intimate setting that is delighting audiences everywhere. Prichard brings the same “good time” vibe and party atmosphere to an acoustic setting as The Recipe created on festival stages, yet does so in a warm, cozy setting that gives the listener a fresh prospective on the songs and allows them to get to know him a little better and hear how the songs were created.

Joe has also returned to the studio with his current project, The Joe Prichard Band, to begin work on a new album. The JPB introduces new material that Joe has written while mixing in some of The Recipe material with a different sound. The JPB features Joe on vocals and guitar, Billy Matheny on guitar, banjo, mandolin, and lap steel, Jason Hastings on drums, and Andy Shepherd on bass. The band will be playing shows in 2008.

Whether performing with The Recipe in front of thousands or playing an acoustic show in a club or coffee house, Joe Prichard will be doing what he’s always done;sharing the gift of music through his thought provoking songs and making friends along the way.

Over the course of Joe Prichard’s 13 years of being The Recipe’s founder, Frontman and songwriter he has already managed to leave a small body of songs that people all over America will remember for the rest of their lives. Now, he has finally been afforded the time to bring us a new yet familiar sound to his music through The Joe Prichard Band. With hometown friend Billy Matheny on Guitar, or Banjo, or Mandolin, or Lap Steel, both new and vintage songs pack a perfect blend of Prichard’s high energy Americana Jamgrass, and Matheny’s Alt Country Rock.