Jenny Beck
Jenny Beck Jenny Beck is a talented Swedish singer/songwriter. She relocated to the UK in 2001 to further her music career and has since been working as a singer/songwriter full-time. She started writing songs at the age of eleven, inspired by her first ever record purchases. Her music ranges from folk/pop to country/rock. She plays the guitar, the flute and sing. Jenny is currently recording her debut album, planned for release in 2004. It is the result of a collaboration with former bass player and lead singer of successful UK band "Feeder". Jenny gets inspired by everyday situations. She always manages to capture the hearts of her audiences with her story-telling lyrics and emotional songs. She always writes about her own personal experiences and feelings and has found that most people easily can relate to what she is singing about at some stage in their lives. Jenny's music has often been compared to that of Susanne Vega, Sheryl Crow and Joni Mitchell, which isn't strange...they are three of Jenny's most important influences and inspirations. Since moving to England Jenny has built up a contact network with a lot of people in the music industry and has received great interest and feedback from both major record companies as well as smaller independent labels. Jenny is looking to release her debut album through a licensing agreement, ultimately by next year. An EP with four tracks will be released in early spring and will be sent out to music industry professionals, but can also be purchased through Jenny's official website. Visit the website to listen to song samples, read reviews and press clips, buy gorgeous merchandise and order copies of her demo CDs, EP and stunning forthcoming debut album. Jenny Beck is predicted by industry professionals to go very far in the USA, Canada and the UK. Be the first to know!