The Mantras
The Mantras The Mantras' music is a high-energy fusion of jam, metal, funk, and rock 'n roll that shakes your knees and rattles your toes. The Mantras endeavor to reshape the live performance experience with every show by shocking their crowd with theatrics, raw humor, and powerfully progressive improv jams; always transitioning from song to song with unbeatable synchronicity. Constantly collaborating with like-minded bands and creating music on a daily basis, The Mantras craft a uniquely elevated, in-your-face funky, rhythmic, and explosive experience.

The members of The Mantras are as follows:
Keith Allen -- guitar/vocals
Brian Tyndall -- bass/vocals
Frank Julian Sizemore IV -- keys
Justin Loew -- drums
Kenn Mogel -- guitar
Brent Vaughn -- percussion