Reverend Eddie Danger
Reverend Eddie Danger Reverend Eddie Danger started his career in music as an alto sax player in the 5th grade. In the 9th grade he was kicked out of the Jazz band and stopped playing music for about 4 years. At age 18 an enlightening experience in the parking lot at a Grateful Dead concert reintroduced Ed’s Love of music and he started frequenting drum circles. Ed left the Midwest for the next few years traveling around the world picking up instruments from Cuba, South America, Africa, Australia, Mexico and the US. At age 20 Ed Joined a World/Rock band and started his craft in song writing. During this time the “southpaw” started to teach himself how to play the guitar upside down.

Taking a break from music this time to ride his bike from Canada down the coast through California Ed ended up without any money in Berkeley, California where he got a job starting school gardens. It was in the Bay area where he began to record music at the California Recording Institute in San Francisco. The years following lead Ed north to Alaska where he lived in a tree house and to Portland, Oregon to pursue music. To pay the bills while living in the Pacific Northwest Ed worked on a Llama Ranch, drove a school bus, was a backcountry guide, taught science, edited a book on sexual astrology and performed music. Ed moved back to Wisconsin summer 2003 where he released his first solo Self-titled CD. He is currently a full time wandering minstrel traveling around playing the many instruments he has collected over the years.

Eddie Danger Music

Described as “Cosmic Folk with a Tribal Twist of Jazz” or simply “Feel Good Music”.

A One-Man Band playing over 25 instruments. The lyrics are word heavy stories with an underlying message usually about political or environmental justice, Metaphysical epiphanies or frustrations and blowing off the suburban teen angst, bad love, & trashy rap star negative vibe mentality saturating today’s music. “I have bad days like anyone else. I just make a conscious effort in my songwriting to focus on the positive. Even my sad songs tend to see the light through the clouds”. –Ed Danger