Dysrhythmia Progressive rock, heavy metal, indie-rock, avant-jazz and ambient mesmerism are combined through the high-energy music of Philadelphia based trio, Dysrhythmia.

Formed in March 1999, Dysrhythmia represents the vision of guitarist Kevin Hufnagel and bassist Clayton Ingerson, a former music major at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. Friends since high school, they worked together, in the mid-1990s, as members of Grey Division Blue.

Although they separated for a couple of years, Hufnagel and Ingerson reunited in 1999 to work on an all-instrumental project that was “heavier, more progressive and diverse" than their previous efforts. With the recruiting of drummer Jeff Eber, six months later, Dysrhythmia's lineup was solidified.

Released in 2000, Dysrhythmia's debut album, Contradiction, was recorded, in a friend's basement studio, in four days. In addition to releasing their second album, No Interference, in 2001, they split a ten-inch single, "Annihiliation", with free-jazz/metal band, Xthoughtstreamsx. Their third album, Pretest, followed in May 2003. ~ Craig Harris, All Music Guide