Luna Halo
Luna Halo The sound of Luna Halo is tight and dynamic. All the pieces fuse together to radiate their collective passion. Shades of dozens of bands and disparate influences hover overhead, but in the end every note on the record belongs to this unique young band.

Their home is Nashville which, the world now knows, has produced some fiery rock & roll alongside all that country stuff over the past few years. It was here that Nathan Barlowe settled, as soon as he could leave his home in Raleigh, North Carolina, to chase his musical dream. He was already a seasoned performer, having played in a handful of other bands, and he'd been writing songs since the age of fourteen. Songs about life as he observed it or, once he was a little older, lived it. By the time his senior year was winding down, Nathan had decided that music was his only path.

Eventually Nathan moved to Nashville to record and tour. After a few years he assembled the first incarnation of Luna Halo, and had a good run with them until various members decided to grow up, get married, and move on. That left Nathan with little more than the name of the band and a determination to start again, with new guys and even higher ambitions.

Younger brother Cary Barlowe was the first recruit. Before I went away to school, when Cary was still a kid, I taught him four chords, Nathan recalls. When I came back, he was already kicking my ass on guitar.

Cary was just as impatient as his brother had been to explode into music full-time. The ink on his high school diploma was barely dry when he too, took off for Nashville. There, the brothers filled the two remaining slots with musicians whose playing fit perfectly into their vision for Luna Halo.

It took a while to decide on a bassist. We had auditioned maybe ten guys, Nathan continues. Then another bass player we know said, You've got to hear this guy Aaron, so he stepped in and as soon as the first song was over I knew he was right for us.

Id heard our drummer Chris Coleman when he opened for us once in a different band, Nathan says. He was young, but really good, so I got his number and held onto it. We kept in touch, and as soon as I needed a drummer, he was the guy.

After recording their album in L.A., the band realized they would need to add an extra element to the live show. Keyboard player Matt Erickson was added to fill that void. The line up was complete.

The years of hard work are paying off. Luna Halo's self titled American Recordings album will be released in 2007.