Little Green Chairs
Little Green Chairs What does Little Green Chairs sound like?

Typically, this is a question asked of a band before you see them play. Yet this is often the question asked of Athens-based funk-rock band, Little Green Chairs, by folks who have just seen them play. So, where does LGC reside on the musical map? Responses have varied from "somewhere in between Rush and Cat Stevens" to "a cross between Steel Dan and James Brown" and many more. They have even drawn comparisons to Bruce Hornsby and The Noisemakers; a big thril for the band to hear. For the members of LGC though, they are happy to tell anyone that they sound like Little Green Chairs.

The band derives its distinct sound by incorporating the influences of each band member to create something beyond their own inspirations. The sound is built on the ideal of rock-solid songwriting that uses socially-conscious and relevant lyrics. The foundations of these songs are found in the deep grooves pulled from the soul and the pounding rhythms found in the heart of the music. The sound is filled out with jazz, reggae and non-conventional improvisational elements that make up the brain/intellect of the sound. The components are then focused and arranged into a sound designed to resonate with the dancing masses. The result is a "70's radio"-style hybrid that is not easily defined in one genre or another. In one instance, funky, the next, arena rock, the music continues to move and move the crowd to dance. The music is not only greater than the sum of its parts, but something rarely attempted (let alone achieved) today in music... it is original!

Formed in 2002 by musical collaborators Ryan Taylor and Dan Roth (Dan K Theory), Little Green Chairs began as a newgrass group which quickly evolved into a full-scale, more progressive sound with the addition of a rhythm section in 2003. After a few inceptions, the rhythym section finally solidified with lifelong friends Adam Funk (drums) and Paul Fulbright (bass), both from the recently relocated Virginia-based "Papa Funk".

In 2004, they were off and running, touring around the Southeast and spreading their sounds. Gaining steam and building a steady following, tragedy struck in November of 2004, as bass player Paul Fulbright died of an asthma attack. When putting together a memorial show for Paul in February of 2005, LGC turned to Greenville, SC bass player and friend Dave Cannon (Flat Front Tire, Tambou Fou) to fill the spot. Originally slated to play only the memorial show, LGC quickly found Fulbright's full-time replacement in a friend, as it became evident that Cannon brought a new dimension to the evergrowing sound.

Since February 2005, the lineup consists of guitarist/vocalist Taylor, keyboardist/vocalist Roth as well as bassist Dave Cannon and drummer Adam Funk. And never comfortable where they lay, LGC continues to grow their music and sound by adding accomplished guitar player, Johnny Mosier (Blueground Undergrass) for select shows throughout 2006.