The Lovemakers
The Lovemakers The Lovemakers make electronic/rock dance music with a passionate fury. At times aggressive and mythical, other times painfully honest, their music is rich in pop hooks, melody and drama.

In the spring of 2002, Scott Blonde and Lisa Light got kicked out of a rock band for making out during practice. Making music led to making love, and making love led to the formation of a new band, The Lovemakers. Soon after its conception, the band was on its feet, cutting its teeth on the underground oakland warehouse music scene. Stanford educated ex- marine biologist/circus violinist Lisa Light (vox, bass, violin) and Vermont-raised pop prodigy Scott Blonde (vox, guitar) continue to enrapture audiences with their manic chemistry, infectious dancing, and spontaneous fights and kisses. Despite a traumatic breakup weeks before recording their debut major label release, Scott and Lisa continue to co-write and record music and give each other romantic advice on a daily basis. Rounding out the group is Josh "Le Guillotine" Kilbourn on drums, and keyboard/guitarist Brandon Arnovick.

The Lovemakers radiate pure love for what the do, not least of all in their mission to entertain, liberate and, yes, command audiences to once again dance to a rock band. Their live show was once described by a (possibly intoxicated) audience member in their native Oakland, California as "a pink Ferrari driving through a mountain of coke." The unforgettable live performances are the product of a show intensely honed over the last four years. From unheated warehouses plagued by the police, to festivals and clubs across the US and overseas, they never give up until the party is drenched in sweat.

On their Cherrytree/Interscope Records debut album, "Times of Romance", The Lovemakers tease and condemn, love and hate, break up to make up, all to an addictively danceable heartbeat.