Fat Cats
Fat Cats "It is hard to write something new about the Fat Cats because everything has been written about, discussed, and debated throughout the band's storied, decade-long history. Begun in 1993 in Hamilton, Ontario, the Fat Cats have changed personnel numerous times throughout the years, but their style, dedication to the scene, and sonic intensity has never wavered since their inception. Built on the solid foundation of Todd Gillies on guitar and lead vocals, Chris Gatchene on guitar and vocals, and Dave Hill on bass, the band has re-created their timeless originals and tasteful covers with many different singers, drummers, and keyboard players over the years while touring Canada and the United States and releasing two fantastic albums, Daredevil and Cruelty's Cure in the process.

With the Fat Cats you get honest, no-bullshit folk rock night after night, regardless if they play a set of originals or an all cover tune set. With their incredible original tunes that beautifully mould rock, folk, country, and bluegrass into pure musical emotion, and constant tributes to The Band, the Grateful Dead, Bob Dylan, Buddy Holly and countless others, the Fat Cats are simply fantastic. By playing tunes like the traditional "Breadbox," their trademark celebratory original "You," or a beautifully crafted rendition of "Tangled Up In Blue," the Fat Cats provide what is often lacking in modern popular music--unbridled and passionate emotion. I have seen the band way too many times to count, and will continue to see them as long as they keep playing. With their brand new line-up formalizing to be the their last, the band has been steadily touring Ontario with goals to further extend their touring route to maybe include Quebec and the East Coast in the near future. To sum it up, the Fat Cats are the quintessential hometown band, and their shows are events where the whole town comes together to toast a band that has been through thick and thin, but still plays with a youthful enthusiasm night after night. For more info, visit www.fat-cats.com."

-Shain Shapiro - Jambase Canada