Will McCranie
Will McCranie On his latest release, North/South, Will McCranie shows what a change of locale can do for a restless soul. The 2 CD set, recorded above and below the Mason-Dixon line respectively, carries the feelings of finding your place in a new city while reflecting upon the comforts of his south homeland. Hidden Track Blog said it best: "you can smell magnolias while listening to the South EP and feel the brashness of the big city when listening to the North EP."

Born and raised in the land of funk, otherwise known as Augusta, GA, Will McCranie is now stretching his legs in the East Village of NYC. He began his musical journey in a similar fashion to many that have come before, working the local coffee shop circuit and graduating to bars well before he was legal to drink...

McCranie blends jazz, folk, soulful vocals, and percussive guitar stylings to create his own distinct sound, while his conversational lyrics and flair for improvisation make every show a personal experience. He has dabbled in everything from full on electric rock bands, to one man looping jam band, but has settled (atleast for now) to shed the distractions and get back to the basics... simple, personal, and focused... enjoying the freedom of just one voice and one guitar that allows him to change pace and dynamic on a dime.

2 time winner of the Lokal Loudness Award for Favorite Solo Act in Augusta, GA (2006/2008), and he has had the good fortune of playing on bills with notables such as Shawn Mullins, Angie Aparo, Kevn Kinney, Matthew Kahler, Wycliffe Gordon, legendary R.E.M. producer Don Dixon.