Alfred Howard & the K23 Orchestra

  • Whisper of a Newborn Ghost
    Whisper of a Newborn Ghost
  • Kudra
    Alfred Howard and the K23 Orchestra is a unique blend of hip-hop, jazz fusion and spoken word. The K23 promotes positive expression and social change through music. The band consists of seven pieces, guitar, drums, percussion, bass, two keys and one vocalist. Their compositions are based around structured improvisation, turning into frenzied jams.
    Track Listing: 1. Shadows & Lights 2. Disneyland History 3. P.E. 4. Change 5. Move 6. Pootie Likes to Strut 7. All Praise Due 8. Peregrine 9. Fire in Mind 10. On the Road 11. Vinyl Digging 12. Divided Time III