free space
free space When free space was formed in the fall of 2001, they had one thing in mind; to seamlessly integrate the adventurous harmonic concepts of jazz; the infectious, well-crafted nature of pop songwriting; and the self-reliance of the independent rock scene. As a result, they simultaneously appeal to the seemingly incongruous worlds of the discriminating jazz aficionado, the ever-touring, jam-loving hippie, the mod-meets-vintage indie-rocker, and the jeep-driving, radio-loving sorority girl.

The spontaneous, visceral aspect of live performance has always been an integral part of the free space experience. Yet the band became increasingly intrigued by the prospects of capturing that essence in the studio, so they enlisted the talents of Jeff Ciampa (Grammy-nominated for his work with legendary saxophonist Wayne Shorter) to produce their debut album “Move.” The move paid off in spades, as the album (released in April 2004) has already garnered the band radio airplay throughout the Mid-west, and rave reviews from fans and critics alike.

In looking to expand their sphere of influence, free space is constantly seeking new avenues through which they can extend their concept of what music is and should be. The release of their breakthrough album, coinciding with a heavy diet of non-stop touring should prove to be the recipe they need to succeed as an accessible, yet respectable pop band with substance.