The Demon Funkies
The Demon Funkies Welcome to a band where tone and soul are the essence of life. It’s about the music AND the show. Powerful music, authentic tones, huge energy, ravish flamboyance, ...this is entertainment! Bang your head, pound your fist, shake your booty! Now is the time and Demon Funkies are here to deliver!

Demon Funkies arrived on Earth in 2003 with an extreme distaste for the average and reserved. Their unique energy, passionate songs, and always-fresh approach make them memorable on every occasion. Demon Funkies believe in unity, entertainment, fun, and outlandish good times. Original music made with fiercely authentic heart and soul is their vehicle of accomplishment.

Demon Funkies are determined to keep shows fresh and entertaining by playing a variety of styles. The band has an ever changing lineup lead by founders Ryan Chrys (guitar/vocals) and The Prom King (bass/vocals). Square Dogg is the man on the drums and the band is rounded out on any given night by founder P-Sax (sax/vocals), Burning Sensation (keys, t-tables, organ), and QDiva (vocals). DF believe in the importance of being able to suit the audience and mood of the event by either rocking an adrenaline intense set or by providing a party atmosphere for grooving and dancing until the sun comes up. In a world where mediocre music and performance means time wasted, Demon Funkies sweat hard to create inspiration and a musical experience everyone will remember with a smile. Performances are very animated and sometimes they get out of control, but hey, thats rock n roll!