420 Funk Mob
420 Funk Mob 420 FUNK MOB (Funkadelic Bylaw #420:“Be Kind to Your Neighbor!”) What band can boast a line up of Rock-n-Roll Hall of Famer's and a virtual Who’s Who list of Special Guest Performers? The 420 Funk Mob led by Mike “Clip” Payne, featuring Lige Curry, Mike “Maggot Brain” Hampton, and a revolving cast of fellow members from the legendary Parliament/Funkadelic along with a Crew of Special Guests. Bringing together different styles and types of musicians together in one mob. The 420 Funk Mob. Hitting everything from Funk-n-Punk, Hip/Hop to Jam and Rock-n-Soul the 420 Funk Mob assaults a crowd with a night of music that crosses all Boundaries. Just what you expect from a band with a line up that has included; Garry “Star Child” Shider, and Cordell “Boogie” Mosson of P-Funk. Greg Fitz from Bootsy’s Rubber Band and David Bowie’s Zach Alford. A Band that can boast of having Special Guest Performers from across the musical spectrum;Funks George Clinton and Billy Bass Nelson, Punks Dr. Know and Daryl Jenifer, and Jazz-man Stanley Jordan. “Arranged with filtered psychedelic melodies, gut-wrenching rhythms, wah-wah pedals, thick bass lines, and Clip’s coarse, dense tone...the 420FM sound like a medley between some spunky Grateful Dead and a Jimi Hendrix-style jam session” raved the University of Miami Hurricane. The 420FM made their debut performance before a sold out crowd at New York City’s legendary TRAMPS in 1997. Since then what began as an annual “Off Days” party for the East Coast members of P-Funk took on a life of its own, selling out colleges and clubs as the bands reputation grew. “The 420 FM quickly created a deeply woven fabric of funk layers that brought the audience into frenzied dance late into the night.” stated a review in the Times. In February 2003 the 420 Funk Mob was invited down to Miami Florida where they co-headlined the 10th Annual Marley Fest with Steel Pulse, Bunny Wailer and the Marley Family before hitting the road as part of the performing core of Parliament/Funkadelic for a two month US tour. Don’t miss the Wefunk release, 420 Funk Mob: Live On the Off Days. A two disc set featuring the Best of the 420FM with performances by special guests George Clinton, Toshi Reagon, members of P-Funk and friends. The 420 Funk Mob Dedicated to the Preservation and the Motivation of Hips!