Midnight Spaghetti & The Chocolate G-Strings
Midnight Spaghetti & The Chocolate G-Strings Retro funk mob Midnight Spaghetti & The Chocolate G-Strings has been satisfying discriminating dancers with monster grooves since January 2003. Their blend of classic funk, conscious frenetic rap, a killer horn section, and a contagious enthusiasm for life left people wondering what planet they came from, but more importantly, how they could get on that mothership.

Keeping the old school party vibe of Digital Underground and Trouble Funk alive, Midnight Spaghetti takes the beat and runs with it in progressive directions. There are definite similarities to the contemporary genre-bending hip hop group Ozomatli, as well as the ruckus attitude of the early Red Hot Chili Peppers, but listen closely to the lyrics and you'll find the brainy humor to be reminiscent of Frank Zappa.

Getting their start at university house parties, Midnight Spaghetti has developed into an important player in the Mid-Atlantic music scene. Their yearly charitable music festival, Spaghettifest, brings together dozens of local, regional, and national bands (including Freekbass, The Afromotive, The Pietasters, The Blue Method, DJ Williams Projekt, Michael Glabicki of Rusted Root, The Recipe, and The Big Wu) to celebrate for one wild weekend in the woods. For even better stories, just ask a Spaghettihead about the field trips. More than just road trips across state lines, fans have been known to get their French on while touring with the band through Canada, or live it up on a 24-hour power vacation along the coast of North Carolina.

As these funkadelic travellers turn their attention to the recording studio, that same kind of full monty attitude shines through. Velour On The Floor is thick and engaging. Recorded in Midnight Spaghetti's home studio, it features a full orchestration of horns, organ, thumping bass, hand percussion, beer bottles, and the occasional orgasm. If you're looking for the latest doctored beat flavor-of-the-week, you're not going to find it here, only some raw dogs laying it down. The styles here are wide ranging, from Latin polyrythyms to jazz rock to soul R&B, but it all stays distinctly danceable, live, and definitely their own.

So what are you waiting for? Check out the tracks, pick up the CD, party at the live show, and never look back. The world's edge has such a lovely view...