Gypsy Kitchen
Gypsy Kitchen Hidden somewhere in the ambiguity of instrumental funk and conventional pop/rock lies Gypsy Kitchen. When the lines blur, they define; when distinct, they manage to cloud previous perception. The ability of this quartet to awe lies with their versatility, both stylistically and as individuals. By keeping themselves guessing they manage to stray from the conventional.

Gypsy Kitchen initially formed in the summer of 2003 by brothers Ryan and Eric Frank as a venture in funk, a genre the two had previously left alone. The band split up, however, when Ryan parted for educational pursuits in St. Paul, Minnesota. Knowing he couldn't be without a band for long, Eric went on to form Chinese Fingertrap in October of 2005. From 2006-2009, Chinese Fingertrap toured heavily, gaining fans and respect throughout the Midwest by sharing the bill with the likes of Medeski, Martin and Wood, Galactic, and Les Claypool at worthy venues and festivals such as 10,000 Lakes Music and Camping Festival, Wakarusa and The Grateful Garcia Gathering to name a few. CFT even created their own festival, Operation Adaptation, held over three days in the beauty of the Wisconsin countryside in a promotion of eco-friendly lifestyle alternatives.

With the disintegration of Chinese Fingertrap in late 2009, Gypsy Kitchen returned, adding Tony Smith on bass and Jeff "Muska" Purcell on keyboards. Smith, a renowned Milwaukee jazz guitarist, picks up his secondary instrument to round out the grooves while Purcell returns to GK with renewed vigor. In addition to playing shows with old friends such as Stealin' Strings, Fat Maw Rooney, Family Groove Company, and Shoeless Revolution, GK has also taken interest in some of the younger bands on the scene such as Undercover Organism and Herman Astro.

Gypsy Kitchen is a gateway to a realm of musical enlightenment, partaking in the ritual of music, song, and dance in an attempt to reach the existential plane. Transcendence is reached via introspection, a head first dive into the soul, emerging with the knowledge of the sentient.

The mystery of the future holds no fear for Gypsy Kitchen. Their reward lies in their dedication. Their bonds only thicken with time, allowing the music to mature and hence, inspire their audiences. The ethereal grooves that spawn from these musicians blend with complex and incredibly catchy song writing that placate the soul and excite the senses. Unique perspectives compound with amazing musical enthusiasm to create a fresh, organic sound that appeals to all audiences.