CosmicWheels The second world wide release from CosmicWheels, Jeff Correll's musical vehicle, is now here and available. Jeff and his band mates reach into their musical bag of rock, funk, jazz and Gospel for a psychedelic variety of sounds.

Starting out tearing it up with the Zepplinesque "Shake the Bird", then to the Floydish-Beatlesque "At the Festival". Add a heaping of "Almond Jam" with that Southern Fried flavor. The following four tracks are live from the TubadubJam III, Porsche/VW Festival from 8/24/07! Truly smokin' the cosmic tires with Ryan Heldebrand on drums and Dave Holbrook on rhythm guitar and vocals on "Sensible Shoes". Jeff Correll uses a "special" effects box (pioneered in the early 70's) to produce the electric bass notes from his guitar! "The Shepard" is Psalms 23 put to jammin' CosmicWheels rock with the instrumental gospel standard "Amazing Grace" closing the new CD.

Look out for the CosmicWheels to perform at Spring & Summer festivals in the Midwest & Southeast in 2009.

CosmicWheels has grown from selling out some of the best clubs in Columbus, Dayton and other Ohio towns to headlining and supporting festivals with musical greats such as: Vince Welnick, Melvin Seals, Ekoostik Hookah, David Nelson, Rob Wasserman, Zen Tricksters, Derek Trucks and many others.

The band started in Columbus, OH in 1997 as Jeff Correll & the Cosmic Machine after Jeff, lead guitarist for Buddy Hatfield's "Mystery Machine", left due to lack of improvisation. The bands first show in 97' was sold out at Barley's Underground (the #1 club for music in Columbus at the time). Jeff (the singer,songwriter, guitarist and visionary) soon changed the name to Jeff Correll & the CosmicWheels.

The band has had many personel changes with all great players such as Bobby Bonds (B.B. King's nephew, whom has played for B.B.)- bass, Brian Casey - trombone & bass, Greg Loughman - bass & Hammond B-3, Ben Lamb - bass, Mike Reed - Drums, Rob Barker ( formerly of the BoxTops (MK2)) and many others that occasionally still set in with the band.

Jeff has sat in with some heavy hitters such as: Vince Welnick, Melvin Seals, Grammy Winners-Rob Wasserman, Willy Nelson, Junior Walker & the Allstars, and Kenny G. Jeff toured with the Gospel Angels (Gospel recording artist) as lead guitarist in the Summer/Fall of 2003 (this is where Jeff met B.B. Jack (Rev. Bobby Bonds)).

Dave Holbrook has performed with R&B and Rock bands from Eugene, Oregon to Myrtle Beach to Columbus, OH. Dave has a knack for emulating John Lennon, Roger Waters, David Bowie and others- making for genuine sounding covers of Beatles, Pink Floyd, David Bowie and classic & newer bands. Dave has been a Wheel for most of 10 years!

Ryan Heldebrand has been a CosmicWheel since the age of 17! Ryan has perfromed with the Wheels in 3 states to date, and has been a Wheel for 10 years now.

Ivan "Big Ive" Williams comes to the band via Detroit (his hometown) through Austin, Texas, where he honed his skills on jazz & blues. Ivan resides in Cleveland, where he also teaches bass and owns a studio (Jeff & Dave also own their very own studios too)!

Every Summer the band holds Cosmicfest, an overnight stay concert featuring the Wheels and a few other regional bands. The Cosmicfest has been held at Songbird Center Amphitheater, Bear Creek Amphitheater, Five Points Pavillion, and Cinnamon Lake Pavillion.

The band has performed to thousands at the CULM Amphitheater in Acme, Pennsylvania. CULM will not have any concerts this year due to zoning restrictions, which leaves the band looking for a new venue for their large Southern Pennsylvania/ Northern West Virginia fan base. The band's fanbase has grown quite a bit during the last two years, with many new Carolina, Indiana, Michigan, NewYork & Canadian fans. The CosmicWheels hope to branch out their touring to more states this year in response.

Jeff is availlable as a solo act as well as duo or trio- known as Jeff Correll & Friends. So if the band isn't a fit for your particular situation, Jeff solo or as a duo or trio may just fit the bill!

We currently get 2,000 + hits per week on our web site, are growing a fanbase (as of 1/28/06) on (readily accessible via and are receiving airplay across the country and Canada on Clear Channel, Sirius, and college radio.


Jeff Correll lead vocals, lead guitars, Orgasonic keyboards, Bass (recordings) Ryan Heldenbrand drums & percussion Dave Holbrook guitar, vocals Ivan (Big Ive) Williams Bass(live) Occasional guest appearances by friends of the band on other instruments.


CosmicWheels have recorded their 5th full length CD. With 6 live tracks from their Porsche sponsored TubadubJam III Concert and 6 studio tracks. Now available on Apple's ITunes, FM Stereo, and at Target and Wal-Mart stores. "Tryin' to Get the Booty", the 4th CD is currently available at CD and online by I-Tunes, Rhapsody and 40 other digital vendors as well as available at many CD stores, Wal-Mart and Target.

Live from the Cosmicfest 2000 Let's Fly the Sky from this CD was regularly played on Clear Channel, WCBE Columbus and WRDL Ashland.

CosmicDaze full length studio recording released in 2002...Since I Came played regularly on many stations including WNCX Cleveland, BBC in England, the afforementioned radio stations and other College radio across the US & Canada.

Best of Three *8 live tracks (6 new) from the CULM Ampitheater in Pennsylvania plus 3 other tracks from CosmicDaze.

Songs available for download or streaming on the web via the band's website include: Lil' Girl Blues, Tryin' to Get the Booty, She Was Singin', Lady of the Light, Sensible Shoes, Without a Fiz and Since I Came. Jeff is currently editing 3 videos from Cosmicfests 98', 2000 & 2004 for a video to be released soon.