Misplaced Jeff Adkins beats the drums and James Clark and Mark Coomer plays guitar, bass, and sings. A little rock trio based about 20 miles north of Cincinnati, Oh. formed when Mark left the ashes of S.O.terrix to start an all original rock band. Jeff, who once tried out as a drummer for S.O.terrix was called to the task for the new band Misplaced. Later they asked James, who had been hanging around practice sessions, to play bass. Although he played guitar, he never tried bass before. But, it all worked out for the good. James and Mark share the bass and lead singing duties. This set up keeps all the songs sounding fresh as well as not wearing out the listeners with the same vocal tones and guitar styles thru out the night. Think Cars, David Bowie, Iggy Pop, Neil Young, Stephen Wolf. These are some of the bands they've been compared to. Jeff's influences are Styx, Journey, Bad Company. James took much of his style from his step dad's playing along with Neil Young. Some of Mark's favorites include Randy Rhoads, Hendrix and The Runaways.