Random Hailing from Granada Hills, CA...Random is a whirlwind of beauty and chaos. Since the bands birth in October of 1999, Random has featured a few different members. But now, with the line up of Tina St.Claire -guitar/vocals, Kevin Tuber - guitar/vocals, Robert Scott - bass/vocalsMatt Prucher - drums, and Glen Diaz - guitar/lead vocals, the band is ready for huger things. And they are coming. The band's influences range from emo to indie rock, to hard rock, to punk, to metal. But there's no band that quite sounds like Random. Random has steadily built a following due to it's powerful music and incredible live show. Labels, promotion companies, other bands, and fans are starting to take notice. The band has toured in almost every state in the US. And, has played with the likes of Zebrahead (Columbia Records), The Calling (RCA Records), OneSideZero, Rufio (Militia Records), Rx Bandits and Allister(Drive Thru Records). They've blown the roof off huge venues such as the Whisky A Go Go, the Roxy, the Hard Rock Café, the Troubador, and the Palace. The band is also ready to work, sweat, bleed, for the music. This is a passion of theirs and they will not let it die.