The Duane Allman Tribute performed by Morgantown
The Duane Allman Tribute performed by Morgantown KAT (keyboards)from St. Louis, was born to play music. She comes from a family of musicians and feels that all musicians are family. Kat was voted number one keyboard player in Spotlight Magazine's readers poll. She has toured extensively from Toronto to Oslo. One out of every three households in Norway has one of her CD's.

DAVID CLARK (guitar)from Morgantown, Kentucky is the originator, songwriter, lead and slide guitar player. He knew that he wanted to be an entertainer when he was knee-high to Elvis, and he too wanted to bring joy to the crowds. Music is the air that he breathes. David was voted number one guitar player.

MIKE ESCHBACH (guitar)from St. Louis . Mike is a veteran of local St. Louis music. He has performed in original music and cover bands, but his true love is the bands of Capricorn records. His experience and genuine love of this music lets him add to the two guitar lead structure of Morgantown.Visit Mike's page on

RON MEDLEY (bass)A long-time member, Ron comes to us with over 30 years of pro-playing experience. He has toured with and opened for numerous Rock & Roll legends such as Mountain, West Bruce & Lang, Janis Joplin, Big Brother & The Holding Company, Velvet Underground, Cream, Quarter Flash and one of St. Louis's foremost Rock & Roll classics, Bittersweet. "I had just finished a year long studio project when I had the opportunity to see Morgantown for the very first time." "Seems we were all always touring and never caught up to each other, but their sound and energy blew me away." "The opportunity to play with Morgantown and share their unique sound was an absolute." "This is definitely the most powerful thing I have been associated with in years."

Kevin McComy from St. Louis is the backbone behind Morgantown's unique sound. Years on the road have seasoned this drummer's talents. One can tell that Kevin is a Southern Rocker from way back.

JIM (JAMES)& RYAN (drums)Hailing from Tampa, FL, but living in St. Louis now, is Jim (James) Ryan on the drums. Jim, the famed percussionist who played on our CD, "From Green to Grey", rejoins Morgantown and the Duane Allman Tribute after a brief break. If you listen to the drum solo on the title cut of the CD, there will be no doubt as to why he is a permanent member of this band.Visit James' web site.

Put these two drummers together, and well, it's nothing less than astounding. Morgantown hopes to bring back the notion of exciting live performance...and they do that!